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Tips When Bathing Your Aging Family Members

Tips When Bathing Your Aging Family Members

It is important to make sure that your senior loved ones keep their daily personal hygiene routines. After all, good personal hygiene has a significant effect on their overall health.

Taking advantage of home care in West Palm Beach, Florida takes care of the hygiene needs of your loved ones. But, there are also things you can personally do. Here are tips when helping your aging family members take a bath:

  • Know your loved ones’ preferences.
    Do they prefer a member of the same gender to help them with bathing? Or do they like to have a family member or a private duty aide to help them? Knowing their preferences on this particular task will help make them comfortable while completing it.
  • Make the necessary modifications in the bathroom.
    Using a shower bench and a detachable showerhead is more convenient for your seniors. Installing a grab bar and placing non-slip mats also help ensure their safety while bathing.
  • Prepare senior-friendly bath products.
    Aging skin is more sensitive to the chemicals present in bath products. Make sure to use those items that are ideal for delicate skin.
  • Promote independence.
    Let your loved ones perform the steps that they can do by themselves. Doing so helps make them feel independent. Like a provider of companion care, you should know when to interject and lend a helping hand.

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The Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy At Home

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy At Home

We are currently experiencing a pandemic, which has affected every aspect of our lives. To help stop the spread of this virus, we must stay at home. Even if we can’t go to the gym or favorite sports center and attend yoga or Zumba classes, it does not mean that we can’t stay fit anymore.

As a provider of personal health care in Florida, we highly suggest you continue your fitness exercises at home. You do not need to have expensive equipment, as long as you exercise regularly.

You can do endurance exercises, such as jogging or walking. You can take a quick 15-minute jog at your backyard, or you can just walk all-around your house.

There are also some balance exercises to help lessen your risk of falling. You can do the heel-to-toe walk or balancing one foot while holding on to something sturdy.

If you are a senior or a person with a disability, we recommend hiring a companion care service for the professional assistance necessary for your condition. They can guide you on the best exercises to perform at home and ensure your safety along the way.

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