Bringing Smiles to Grumpy Seniors


Aging tends to make even the jolliest people feel grumpy. There are many reasons for this. It could be due to chronic pain, illnesses, arthritis, etc. Memory loss is also a factor as being forgetful can be frustrating at times.

Excellent Care, Inc. understands that you want to cheer up your loved elderly loved one, but simply getting them companion care won’t be enough to lift their foul mood. So here are a few tips you can use:

  1. Understand their situation. We live in a society that tends to only see a senior’s frailties instead of their hard-won wisdom. Your loved ones will naturally feel like they are either invisible or have become a burden to others around them.

    This issue with ageism is also one of the reasons why seniors refuse to be placed under custodial care.

  2. Learn to listen. Seniors often feel unheard and alone. This can be due to being forced to let their children decide what is best for them. You and your siblings may think that private duty aide is the best thing for your senior, but your loved one will openly disagree.

    Instead of forcing Home Care in West Palm Beach, Florida down their throat, ask them for their opinion on this decision and make negotiations based on their demands.

  3. Use items that bring back fond memories. Physical items like a photograph or a baseball cap that are tied with happy memories can bring a smile to your loved one’s face. You can even try cheering them up by joining them in their favorite hobbies.

Another great way is to get rid of the stress and pressure in your loved one’s life. Personal health care in Florida can help with that. Dial (800) 290-3628 now!

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