How Can You Benefit from Private Duty Care?


Assisted living is the most ideal for seniors. This kind of care is suggested for the elderly that require little to no assistance with their daily living. With this set-up, a private duty aide will visit the seniors in their home on an hourly basis or they will be living with the elderly.

What benefits can you get from assisted living with private duty services?


  • safe with properly scheduled activities
  • it helps create connections
  • full-time care is given, when necessary
  • personalized care and wide options available
  • privacy is continued

Services usually include:

  • personal care
  • meal preparation and medication reminders
  • light exercises and housekeeping
  • companion care
  • other miscellaneous services

With companion care, the seniors are allowed to live freely in their homes. It is the easiest and more affordable option for them. In addition, they got to maintain their independence at home.

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