How to Deal with Seniors Who Are Picky Eaters

How to Deal with Seniors Who Are Picky Eaters

Do you have a senior loved one who is a picky eater? The elderly need enough nutrition to sustain their energy for the whole day, but it would be hard to keep them strong and healthy if they eat insufficient meals. Do you need tips to help them with their appetite and prevent malnutrition? Read on:

  • Make their foods look appetizing.
    If your senior loved ones hate vegetables but love sandwiches, then create a vegetable spread for their breakfast sandwich. Or, if they love pancakes, add vegetable flavors to make their pancakes healthier. Caregivers that provide personal health care in Florida also know how to prepare healthy meals for your loved ones and make them more appealing to the seniors’ senses.
  • Experiment with new things.
    Some seniors may lose their appetite because they frequently eat alone. Companion care is an opportunity for caregivers to encourage seniors to eat more. They can also make food presentation more fun and healthier. Caregivers may also introduce new food options that look interesting to the elderly.
  • Make eating fun for them.
    Eating with companions will make mealtime more fun and engaging for seniors. It helps them feel more comfortable if they eat with others and talk about their day over the meal. A variety of food options like finger sandwiches with veggie spreads may also entice them to speed up their eating pace and eat healthier foods.

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