Reasons Why Simple Exercises Are Beneficial to Seniors


Aging seniors should not be restricted to movements. They should get to move even with the simplest set of exercises. Exercising not only help them get one the groove, but it is helpful for their overall well-being.

As a provider of personal health care in Florida, we believe quick and easy exercises at least thrice a week give a positive impact on the seniors. With their current lifestyle, medication maintenance and strict diet should be paired with proper exercise.

With companion care, seniors under assisted living can be guided in their morning exercise. So how can exercise benefit the seniors?

  • An active lifestyle helps prevent disease and will help improve one’s overall immune system.
  • Exercise will help release endorphins for a happy and satisfied mind.
  • For mobility problems, exercise can improve the strength and flexibility of a person. It is good prevention for risks of falls.
  • Tuned motor skills benefit cognitive function.

An active body keeps the mind active. And an active mind is known for reducing the tendency of dementia diagnosis. Exercise is indeed therapeutic to the body.

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