The Most Common Home Safety Risks for Seniors


Even though aging in place is empowering your senior loved ones, this set up can still present many safety risks. In fact, many seniors are treated in emergency rooms for accidents that occurred at home.

At Excellent Care, Inc., we understand how important it is for your senior loved ones to spend their golden years in the comfort of their own home. That is why our home care in West Palm Beach, Florida listed the most common home safety risks for seniors and how to avoid them.

  • Falls
    Falls are the main cause of injury for seniors living alone at home. With the right home modifications, injuries can be avoided. Some precautions you can take include installing grab bars in the shower, using non-slip mats, and adding handrails to stairs. You can also hire companions who can accompany your senior loved one at home and ensure their safety.
  • Fires
    To protect your aging loved one against fire, you should remove fire hazards from within their home. Check appliances for frayed cords, never leave burning candles unattended, and change the batteries of smoke detectors regularly.
  • Poisoning
    Accidental poisoning can be particularly dangerous for seniors with multiple medications. To keep your senior safe, you should label each medication properly, dispose of expired medications, and maintain an up-to-date medication checklist. By hiring personal health care in Florida, a caregiver can take care of all these things.

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